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We specialise in dealing with in depth problems of the Hair & Scalp – Hairloss, Baldness, Scaling, Iching, Hair Breakage, Dryness & Oiliness.
Microscopical analysis are used to asses structural damage, the rate of Hairloss, the serverity of Hairloss, Fungus as well as chemical or mechanical damage.
The source of the problem must first be identified.
Treatments can be Topical or Internal.
Analysis are done by our Internationaly Qualified Trichologist. Registered with the International Assosiation of Trichologists. (IAT)


Elma Titus

elma titus
elma titus

I am a qualified teacher. I started my hairdressing career in 1974. I taught hairdressing for many years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this area. I was also a successful salon owner. I was part of the pilot group as an SGB member to develop the unit standards for Hair Care in South Africa. I give informative talks on hair and hair loss. I am also an accredited assessor and moderator with the Services Seta and holds the qualification as an international City and Guilds assessor. I was a council member of the College of Cape Town. I am a Trade test examiner for ladies caucasion, afro and gents.

I studied Trichology in Australia and a member of the International Association of Trichologists and consults in Cape Town, Jhb, Durban, and Namibia. I have also completed a course in Plasmolifting in Cosmetology and Trichology with the renowned Dr Julian Holmes in 2016.

I have also lectured at the Aesthetic Medicine Congress South Africa at CSIR Convention Centre Pretoria in 2016.


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We operate under strict Covid guidlines and adhere to all protocal. We stive to always maintain a sanitized environment and sterilized equipment.

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