Vitality Shampoo

A Vitality Shampoo contains a blend of surfactants, premium botanical extracts and proteins designed to bring life to all hair types. The specialised formulation works directly on the hair and scalp to ensure the best conditions for hair growth. This shampoo cleanses and adds volume from the root to restore fullness while strengthening hair fibers.

 – Leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and healthier with each use.
– Transforms into a rich, abundant foam that lathers quickly for            easy rinsing
– Cleanses and adds body without weighing hair down.
– Wide range of Fruit Extracts exfoliate the scalp
– Contains Ivy, Burdock, Pine and Arnica which provides vital                  nutrients to the hair.


Moisturising Conditioner

A scientifically formulated Moisturising Conditioner, suitable for all hair types which leaves hair manageable and full of luster with each use. The botanical ingredients allows for colour-safe use, leaves hair looking healthier and less susceptible to breakage. A highly moisturising, reparative conditioner that protects and repairs damaged hair and split ends. Provides lightweight conditioning from mid-lengths to ends. The premium grade extracts shield the hair from harsh elements such as dust, pollution and hard water chemicals which we’re exposed to everyday.

– Provides the hair with superior lubricity and less entanglement
– Recommended for all hair types and improves hair texture
– Contains a superior blend of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Argan and             Sweet Almond Oil to nourish and add shine to hair
– Non-irritating to skin and eyes

Hair Growth Tonic

A blend of botanical extracts and proteins that is designed to fight hair loss and strengthen the hair from the roots. This array of extracts helps to provide the dermal papilla cells with optimal hair growth conditions and slow down hair loss. Contains a range of specialised oils and extracts to maintain a healthy scalp and improve the appearance, as well as protecting the hair from harsh elements and chemicals that bombard the hair on a daily basis.

 – Strengthens hair from the roots
– Helps to restore hair density and thickness
– Prolongs life cycle of the hair
– Made primarily from natural, plant based sources
– Silicone Free; Paraben Free; Dye Free


Intensive Scalp Treatment

A rich blend of natural butters, oils and plant extracts designed to maintain hair density and volume. Contains Scots Pine Extract, Peppermint, Greater Burdock Root, Rosemary Leaf, Arnica Flower and Watercress extracts to deeply nourish hair fibers. Has a range of premium botanicals including Castor Seed Oil, Chamomile Flower and Ivy extracts to ensure the scalp receives vital nutrients for optimal hair growth.

– Optimise’s hair growth conditions to control hair loss
– Helps to restore hair density and thickness
– Prolongs life cycle of the hair
– Silicone Free; Paraben Free; Synthetic Fragrance Free; Dye Free
– Strengthens the hair from within and restores healthy appearance    and texture


Nourishing Hair Masque

This professional formulation is designed for the treatment of dry, damaged, brittle, bleached, over-processed and dyed hair. This masque contains natural oils such as Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Argan Oil to provide essential nutrients and fatty acids
that adds shine, elasticity and moisture to the hair shaft. It also contains a combination of Cashmere and Silk proteins for hair repair that also improves strength, reduces split ends and brittleness.


– Controls Frizz
– Heals Split ends
– Moisturizes hair from within
– Silicone Free; Paraben Free
– Makes hair more manageable and easier to style
– Makes hair softer with a smoother feel


Anti-Dandruff Treatment

An anti-dandruff formulation containing Salicylic Acid as well as Natural Oils and African Botanicals that helps slow down shedding of dry skin cells and reducing the appearance of white flakes. It gently cleanses, leaves hair soft and is suitable for all types of hair. Hair appears softer, smoother and shinier from the first application. May be used weekly for best results.

– Natural actives from the Karoo and Kalahari
– Reduces the appearance of white flakes
– Provides relief for itchy scalp
– Moisturises and adds shine to hair
– Contains White Nettle, Garlic Bulb and Arnica extracts which                provides vital nutrients to ensure healthy conditions for the scalp


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